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Compliments to Customer Service

  • 29 November 2018
  • 3 replies

Just wanted to send my compliments about Koodo customer service rep Attila. He stepped in and offered superior assistance to help me upgrade my plan and order a new phone. His service was exemplary. Completely professional, competent and friendly. He made my experience dealing with Koodo very pleasant. Superb!

3 replies

I would like to thank Andrea, a Customer Service representative in the Billing department. On Tuesday, May 19, at about 3:30 pm  (Eastern time), I spoke to Andrea about what seemed to me like a billing overcharge.  Andrea was super helpful and gracious in every way and we resolved my issue after a lot of work on her part. She called me back very promptly. I could not be more appreciative. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ANDREA IS TOLD OF THIS COMPLIMENT AND THAT SHE RECEIVE SOME SORT OF RECOGNITION FROM KOODO MOBILE FOR HER EXCELLENT WORK. 

Sam Robinson

Hamilton, Ontario

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Thanks for the kind words! A rep will see this and forward it. I hope that you have a great day.

I want to thank George, a customer service rep from the Montreal office, for helping me with my bill. I called on June 2nd around 10:30am and George was so wonderful. He helped me understand why my bill was so high and then helped me out because I had been using it for work at home due to Covid-19. He was so helpful and honestly the nicest customer service rep I’ve ever had to deal with in my life. 

I hope George sees this and is staying safe. Stay awesome George! With all the crazy in the world right now, it’s people like you that remind me of the good in humanity!