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Complaint - Koodo Online Deals/Phone Protection Plan

I am writing today to express my frustration with Koodo Online Deals and the plans and add ons. I took advantage of an online deal in May 2018, paying off the tab on my LG G5 to receive a LG G6 in the mail through a Koodo Online Deal. I followed the instructions given and all seemed to be running smoothly. My plan remained the same and all my add ons (Phone Protection) were still on my bill. The trouble began when I accidentally dropped my phone in mid December. It cracked the screen and so my first response was to call my Phone Protection Plan. I've done this years before and the process was swift and worth every penny. This time it did not prove so. After trying to compile the proper information needed - Asurion informed me that I was not covered for a LG G6 (one that I had been paying phone protection on since May) but for an LG G5 (my previous phone). This began the attempt to speak with someone at Koodo. When I called the contact line, the automated system informed me that I would receive a text and then curtly hung up. The text sent me a link to an online assistant - one that deals in the general questions of Koodo Issues. When I asked for a customer service rep -It said this call would cost me $10. it was only until I wrote the word "complaint" that the online messaging system scheduled me a call for days later. For me, this is a crack in the screen, so waiting would be fine. But if this was addressing an essential function of my phone? Days would not do. When I finally spoke with a representative, they informed me that although I had taken advantage of the online deal and followed its instructions, I had to go to the actual Koodo Kiosk in order to switch my Protection Plan to my new phone. I had gone 8 months paying my Phone Protection Plan on a phone I was no longer using, despite the fact that my Koodo phone plan had switched. I was refunded for the 8 months of the useless Protection plan, but was told that it was unlikely Asurion would cover my phone even if I brought it to the Kiosk now, as it was now cracked.

I want to say that I have been very happy with Koodo service for many years. Today's call with the service representative was informative, helpful and considerate. I have always had amazing service with customer service reps. The same can be said for all those who work the Koodo Kiosks - They have always been happy to help with any problem I might have. Their service is above and beyond. I would say that it is in these areas that Koodo excels and has always excelled because it is these services that have made me feel important as a customer and loyal Koodo member. But you do lose that with automation and online sources --and these avenues of doing business are limiting access to the Koodo Team members who do such a fantastic job! Then, when these online sources become difficult to navigate, it takes a great deal of trouble to reach a human being about it. Even my complaint couldn't be done on the phone--It had to be online here. It was such a mistake to try to take advantage of this online deal and I'm very disappointed with the end result.

I can understand the many benefits to having online sources to help with general inquiries, but when it comes to specific situations the online resources will not do. Instead of offering prompt and courteous service that I have always known Koodo for, everything is delayed. I followed the instructions given to me when my phone arrived, and unknowingly paid Phone Protection on a phone that was no longer attached to my plan. Now I have a cracked screen on my new phone that I'll have to deal with until I finally pay off my tab and decide what is my next move.

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As a process person, I can totally see how this happened. Koodo's processes like most businesses are less than clean and in this case their systems did not consider a protection plan. This is why being a customer you need to be on top of these businesses.

Koodo keeps pushing things to be automated or online, but their instructions and follow through leaves a lot to be desired. They seem to have gone with a "just good enough for a good chunk of customers" philosophy with these things. I dont mind the automation, I just wish they would automate 100% for existing customers and tighten up everything so there are no gaps
The protection plan is for the device it is registered to and it specifies that in the terms. Say your protection plan was automatically switched to the G6 but you didn't want that for whatever reason. Then something happens to the G5 and you try to make a claim. It's denied because it covers the G6 now which you didn't ask for. This is why they require you to register the device you want covered.

They only charge $10 when you call them and ask them to do something that you could've done yourself online. Asking questions doesn't get you charged. Yes, trying to contact them can be frustrating.
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@Mats you make good points, but to play devil's advocate for a moment, it isn't really clear up front and I can see how someone could easily assume whatever phone they've most recently purchased will be the one covered. The T&C page (https://www.phoneclaim.com/koodo/terms-and-conditions/) contains many different versions of the T&C's (I guess depending on when you enrolled), but a look at the most recently one available (https://www.phoneclaim.com/koodo/pdf/KOODO_Phone_Protection_TCs_ROC_v03_April_19_2018_to_Present.pdf?v=20181111214106) doesn't talk about what to do when you change your phone. It only mentions:

What device is covered? Your covered equipment is the eligible mobile phone purchased from Koodo, which you own and have actively registered on the Koodo network. Your device must be in good working condition and a successful outbound call must be completed to establish your enrollment in the program. If a failure affects a standard accessory (such as a battery or charger) in conjunction with the failure of your phone, or if your phone is replaced with a different model, we will also replace the standard accessories.

Nothing is mentioned in the document (that I can see) how to deal with buying a new phone. I can easily see how one would think, "well I just purchased my newer phone, Koodo knows I've got a newer phone now because I bought it from them, and I still have the add-on from before, so, why isn't it my new device that's covered?"

Koodo's own page on the add-on (https://www.koodomobile.com/help/koodo-phone-protection-plan) doesn't mention it either. I think this is a gap that Koodo needs to address.

@Bernard Koodo @Ranjan Koodo is this something you can look into? Is there an SOP for new phone purchases when you have the protection plan add-on?

I get what you're saying and agree it could be more clear but it was originally bought for another phone and I do think the consumer has a responsibility to ensure it now covers the new phone and not the old one. They could want the protection plan to cover the old phone still. You can't assume anything when dealing with insurance.
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It was a pleasure speaking with you today Melissa 🙂. Thanks again for the extremely valuable feedback. Our web team has been engaged and are going to look at how we can incorporate the information in our Help pages.

I am happy that we were able to discuss and come up with a solution 🙂
Just wanted to say a big thanks to @Chris Koodo and the Koodo Team! You went that extra mile to discuss my situation with me and help with a solution. I can't say how much I truly appreciated it! I wasn't sure about writing my frustrations here on Koodo Community, but your prompt response was unbelievable and renewed my faith in Koodo placing its customers first! Koodo truly is a one of a kind company. Thanks again for everything!