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Combine a monthly plan and a booster?

Is it possible to pick a monthly plan that does not include data, and then purchase a booster to get data, without having a prepaid base plan?

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Hi Michael, it's been requested before, but alas, that is not possible. However you can sign up for a voice plan, which will automatically come with flex data 🙂 You only pay for what you actually use that way!
don't think so.. boosters are only for prepaid. if your plan has the Pay Per Use Data Saver, then if you don't use data, you don't pay anything (just make sure that you disable data, or block the APN depending on the phone you are using) If you do use data, then it will be billed as you use it at various levels.. (currently 25mb 5$, 100mb 10$ and up to 250mb $15)
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No that's not possible. You can get a talk and text plan where you only pay for the data you use, and if you don't use data some months you don't pay for any data. Check out the talk and text plans by clicking the plans tab at the top of the page.
Thanks for your replies. I was afraid that was the case. I currently have a talk and text plan with the pay for use data saver. The $25 plan I'm on no longer exists, but it gives me more phone minutes than I need. It's the data part that I would love to replace with an outright purchase from the booster. Here is why. I rarely go over the $5/25 mb, but that's because I make sure not to use it much unless I am connected to wifi. Purchase of a block of non-expiring data would be much better, and would make me more relaxed about my use of it. If I purchased 1gb of data for $30, it would carry me through more than 6 months, even with relaxed use (I mainly use it for checking mail, occasional browsing, and direction-finding.) I'm in a dilemma about my whole plan. The amount I'm paying is very reasonable and much less than most people pay. But I don't come close to using my 150 phone minutes and I don't anticipate any changes that would greatly increase phone use. I have been thinking of upgrading to an iPhone 5S, either buying it unlocked or through the Kudo tab. The minimal plan for the medium tab ($40) gave a good amount of data (400 mb, but that special just went off and now it's 200), but I'm not sure that my use would justify the expense. I could also go the other way, completely over to a minimal prepaid plan plus a data booster, and that combination actually comes closer to matching my actual use than any of the monthly plans with the data saver. But I still have a $115 tab and am reluctant to just pay it off an switch to prepaid - there are some nice telephoning benefits to monthly even if I don't use them often. Advice would be welcome 🙂 FYI, I'm not complaining at all. I did a lot of research before going with Koodo and I'm very happy with them overall. No other phone company in Canada is as flexible as Koodo, but I do wish they were more flexible in the way monthly plans were constructed, so that people could trade off phone minutes for data.