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Cheaper and better plans

  • 4 September 2014
  • 1 reply

You should give plans that offer more data, and for cheaper price! I went to Europe for a month and got my self a sim card there. The plan I got was 10 times better then any plan koodo has ever offered, and for half the price! I feel like it would be a good Idea for koodo, because then you would be a competitor on the market; instead of just being another company that offers over priced plans that are nothing special.

1 reply

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Well, that's Europe for you... Their cell phone plans are indeed better. At this point it's wishful thinking with the carriers trying to make up money from the 2 year subsidy rule and the recent 700mhz auction for LTE expansion we really didn't need nor nobody asked for. Get ready for the 2500mhz auction coming up next!