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Charged for EasyRoam but never used it

  • 19 August 2019
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I have tried to connect with Koodo with no luck, I keep being directed to the Koodo Assist which obviously cannot actually resolve my issues.

I recently traveled to the U.K. with the hope of using my phone while there, however, once there my service never actually worked. I tested it with my boyfriend who was with me and I could not send or receive calls or messages. I just recieved my bill from the period while we were gone and I was charged for easy roam even though it was never actually working. Could a koodo representative please connect with me so we may resolve this?


2 replies

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You would be best to use Koodo Assist to request a callback to discuss this billing issue.

It seems the international carrier received your texts, thus creating the EasyRoam trigger, but did not forward them to the intended recipient.
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Hello @JillianP ! Thank you very much for contacting us! 🙂 The detailed version of your invoice, which is available in the "Billing" section of your Self-Serve ( koodo.com/selfserve) specifies that Easy Roam had been used during 4 days, in your previous billing cycle (that is, on the 31st of July, on the 1st & on the 2nd of August, and on the 7th of August).

I have also verified your usage details, and I was able to see that, during all these four days, there was some Data usage registered. I n case you have other inquiries, I would kindly invite you to send us a private message on Facebook or on Twitter. - Alex