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changing plans in self-serve

  • 2 September 2020
  • 5 replies

Hello there,  I upgraded my phone 6 week back and kept the same plan. There is a better plan available and want to change my current plan. But warning appears and says there is a 14 days waiting period. I have not changed anything since i upgraded the phone 6 week ago. How do i get the new plan? pls help. Thanks.

5 replies

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@NSGS You have 2 lines. I see the upgrade you had a few weeks back. And I see there was another upgrade done today.  Are you talking about the line ending 81? 

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Reach out to Koodo directly. A PM to their Facebook page or DM to their Twitter account is easiest.


Yes. I kept the current plan while getting the new phone for the line ending ***81. Can i pls change the plan to one of the 5Gs. Thanks. 

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@NSGS Can you pls send us a private message on Facebook so we can authenticate your account? Just let us know what you share here and someone will definitely take a look. 

P.S.: Our social reps are super busy so don’t be surprise if it take a while to respond but they will!

Good luck with this, I tried asking the same thing yesterday over the phone and was told no...just upgraded a month ago. Terrible customer service.