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Changing plans

If I want to change from a Telus plan to Koodo what charges do I have on top of the monthly charge? Like is there a connection charge sim cards etc?

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The only 'charge' to change to koodo is settling your final bill with telus. Also if you would like to port your number to koodo, keep your telus account active so you can port your number to koodo at a kiosk (this will automatically end your service with telus). There are no activation charges. Also if you decide to bring over your telus phone (it may have to be unlocked) you get 10% off your monthly plan. The only time you would get charged on top of your monthly plan is if you have a tab M or L in which case there would be a $5 or a $10 tab charge. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask 🙂
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If you are bringing your own phoe then there is a cost of $10 for a sim card (monthly plan) $20 for prepaid (comes with a $20 prepaid credit) If you are getting a Koodo phone then it includes the sim