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Changing plans

Hi I am unable to change my Canada 25 plan with $10 add on I want to change to Canada 35 plan and remove the add on. I've tried online but it will not accept my request

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Hi there Katie... Try again but this time do the following... Remove the 10$ add-on first and submit changes, once the add-on is removed from the account, then go again and try to change the plan, this time it will work.... This is because the 10$ add-on is an expired option for sms, VM/CD and since the new plan has this already built-in there is a conflict created on the back end system that does not allow you to do the change... If after doing this still does not work, call Customer Service, expose the case and they may change it for you...
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What's the error message your getting? If you just recently signed up with Koodo, you have to wait until you pass your billing date in order for you to change your plan as an activation counts as a "plan change". If you call *611 they can change it right away for a $10 fee or they can change your plan in-store every 14 days. Cheers