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Changing carrier- Fido

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Thinking of switching to Fido, sadly. They have a 65$/month plan with 5GB of data. I'm paying 60$ a month for 2GB in QC with Koodo and I'm consistently going over between 250-750MB. 3GB with one of the new plans on Koodo would be 73$ So, it would cost less and I'd get more data. [i]Love the service with Koodo, but it's so much more for less. The plans are pretty similar except for the US texting on the Koodo plans. Thoughts?

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Unfortunately Koodo can't match any other plans neither other companies could match Koodo on demand. It's sad but I find Koodo's better for lower usage plans while other are better for,higher usage
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I agree with robert. They cant compete with others for that. I went to koodo cause I mainly text and hardly make a phone call. Maybe a little data here and there. I was paying almost 85 bucks a month with other companies and wasnt using half of what i paid for. I love koodo. they have saved me a ton of money by switching.