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Changed for the promo 45$ and want to change for the 30$ one

  • 12 March 2013
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Hi, I called one week ago the customer service to get the 45$ double promo plan and it supposed to start at the end of my current billing cycle (the 17th to be exact) and I just changed my mind and I finally want to take the one at 30$ because I don't use that much data and voice and I find 45$ to be too expensive. My question is can I change my plan without any additional fees ? I know that we can only change our plan once per billing cycle, but theoretically it never really changed because my new plan has not started yet (I'm still on my old plan with 50 mins, unlimited texting and flex data). Thanks a lot!

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3 replies

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You may log in into your Self Service account and do the change yourself at no cost... since the promo plans will expire on the 18th, you may do the change the last day of your billing cycle, of if you don't mind about proration, you may do the change then at your most convenient time. If you get an error when doing the change, you may call Customer Service to remove the future dated requests for the 45$ plan.
It's written exactly: " This number already has a rate plan change scheduled for March 17, 2013. No additional change requests can be scheduled." so I guess I'll have to call to cancel my rate plan change and do another one by the self service.
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Call again SkAshe, or do it via e-mail. I did almost the same, then the promo plans came out I switched to the $60 one (was on the $56, but wanted the 0.01$/MB overages instead of 0.02$/MB). Then after carefully reviewing my usage, I determined the $45 one would be far sufficient. I sent Koodo support an e-mail to change my plan since I could not change it more than once every billing cycle. Not only did they not charge me the $10 fee, they also sent back a reply telling me the change had been made and asking if I needed anything else. Go for it!