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Change the plan and get a new phone.

Hi I would like to take a doubt. I already have a plan of Koodo. But wanted to know if I can give an increase in my plan so I can get a new phone. What do I do?

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I'm sorry, your post is a little hard to understand. You will have to pay off any negative Tab balance before upgrading. Then you pick a new phone, pick a Tab level, and that's it. Tab S is up to 150 off a new phone and you keep your old plan no matter what, Tab M is up to 300 off a phone but you need a minimum $30 plan (you can keep your old one if it's above that) and you'll pay $5 extra. It will fall off after 24 months (your tab equals $0 at that point).
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To get a new phone you'll first have to pay off any remaining tab balance you owe right now, then you can upgrade to a new on the tab size of your choice. You will have to choose a $30 or higher plan to be eligible for the medium or a tab large plan to be eligible for the large tab. If you choose a medium Tab a change of $5 per month will be added to your bill each monthmonth on top of your plan and overage cost for the next 2 years or until the tab is paid in full, the same goes for the large tab except the tab charge is $10 instead of 5. Small tab has no tab charge and is available with any plan.