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Hi I have a question, my plan is $40 /month. --- CAN Data 300MB 300 min $40 ----- when I opened my phone, I got a new cell phone. so, I pay + $5. and plus tax .. total,........ I pay for $50.85 per month. I rarely use text message and call. so, I want to change my lower plan. can I change my plan available?

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You can change to the $30 plan for free online. Doesn't come with included data. You pay per use for that. https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/plans/index.html
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She mentioned that she is paying +$5, which means she took Tab M. $30 plan is only available on Tab S, so I don't think she can take it. She can change to the $35 plan plus continue to pay $5/mo tab fee. "I rarely use text message and call..." How about data usage? You can save $5 a month if you change to $35 plan, but your included data will be reduced to 50MB. If you don't need data neither, you might want to check a prepaid plan. http://koodomobile.com/en/on/plansandboosters.shtml You have to pay off your tab balance to switch to prepaid, but it could save some money in long run.