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Change of plans pro's & Cons

  • 6 November 2012
  • 3 replies

By switching plans it suggests that I will lose Koodo HSPA. What does this mean? Also, switching to the new Canada wide Data 60 plan it suggests that I will also gain unlimited SMS & MMS, is this unlimited text messaging?

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3 replies

It appears to be a bug with the System. HSPA is the nebular term used for the data connection Koodo will use. My mom recently switched her plan, lost Koodo HSPA and still has 4g service. I believe employees have stated on here it is a bug and it will be resolved. As well unlimited SMS and MMS means unlimited normal and picture text messages.
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Kind of system glitch, thinking that customers have HSPA phone and wanted to activate CDMA phone, then system is warning them that they will loose HSPA service, while in fact customer just wanted to change his plan with their HSPA phone.
You can make the change, it's ok; And yes it is unlimited text & photo messaging ! It's included in the plan.