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Change of plan 1/3 of the way in the billing cycle: would I end up paying twice for the remaining 22 days of the cycle?

Hi. I'd like to change my current plan (Canada Wide, 150 min daytime + 50 txt msg) @ $30/month to the plan that includes 100 min daytime + unlimited txt msg, also @ $30/month. Since I still have 22 days left on my billing cycle, would I end up paying twice for that 22 days if I do the plan change today? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Mario, Since both plans come up to the same price you will notice your bill will be approximately the same as usual. You might notice it be a little higher due to an overlap between the two plans but you will only be paying the part of the month you used the first plan and the the part of the month you used the new plan, and both costs are put together. So in short, no you are not paying twice, you pay for what you used. Hope this helps!
Merci Mathieu, très apprécié!
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Mario Méthot wrote:

Merci Mathieu, très apprécié!

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