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Change is Great! Especially when it's for the better.

One thing I love about Koodo is the ability to change plans every billing cycle. I've gone from 30.00 100 min talk and text, to 30.00 200 min talk and text, to now 29.00 200 min talk and text....since I bought my Nexus 4 in Oct. 13. I've now doubled the original plan minutes and reduced the bill by a dollar. While keeping 99.9% of the same services. Data has changed for the worse (gone from $5/100mb to $5/50mb), but I don't use it and I don't really care. BTW...both sucked anyway. MegaBytes???? Really? My advice is to constantly monitor plan promotions, and make the switch, if something better comes along. Very cool that you can do this in the "self serve" area of the web site.

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