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Change area code on one of my phones?

I have 4 phones on the same plan. Me / spouse in NS and 2 kids who live in AB and ON respectively. The kids would like their area codes to match the cities they live in (edmonton and toronto) for reasons related to their employment. Since I am the account holder and live NS koodo self serve won't allow area codes other NS. Is there a way to have different area codes on different phones on the same plan? I know one solution would be for the kids to get their own plans (they are both adults) but that would defeat the advantage of free calling between phones which is the very reason we are set up this way in the first place. Thanks

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Yes, but you'll need to contact koodo to make the change as it's blocked in self serve.
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And don't worry, the call will be free and you won't get charged for it 
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@zapata rigoreto:
You are always free to port in existing numbers. You can aquire local numbers from Edmonton and Toronto on prepaid sim cards with either Koodo or other carriers.
Glad to hear that customer service can accomodate for out of province phone numbers over the phone.