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CERTIFIED PRE OWNED - other than junk blackberrys

well koodo im not a very RICH man and really need a replacement phone (certified pre-owned) and for over 3 months now I keep checking online and there has only been 2 blackberrys ... whats the malfunction ?? a big company like koodo (telus) should and would have other choices than that .. cant really afford a 400 phone ... HELP PLEASE

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Do you have Koodo shop nearby? If you call or stop by Koodo kiosk, they will tell you what they have in stock 🙂 Store locator http://koodomobile.com/en/on/storelocator.shtml
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I would assume that it is based on availability of phones that people bring to Koodo for trade-in purposes. In addition, Koodo will only certify a pre-owned phone for models which they have sold in the past and can support. They won't just certify any used phone because doing so would require them to support the phone post-sale. This is speculation only, but I would guess that people are trading in the BB phones because they are unable to sell them for a better value through other channels (Kijiji or Craigslist). In general, you get better value if you sell your old phone through an online classified site than to trade it in, unless there is no demand for that particular phone in the market.
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Hey Brian, I hear you man. They used to stock a few S3s before. I guess maybe they ran out. What you can do, is call around your local Koodo kiosks and see what they have in stock there. You might get lucky, and one of them may still have a few good phones in your budget. And, people have got some really good deals on kijiji/craigslist [Insert standard "at your own risk" disclaimer]. Having disclaimed what needs to be disclaimed, my gf, myself, and my friends have never had a problem with a multitude of phones we have bought for ourselves and our families. The great thing with buying your own phone, and coincidentally my unequivocal advice to anyone on a budget, just like myself, in Canada's wireless market: - Choose whatever plan you have - Don't get tied down to a contract/Tab - 10% discount on your monthly plan - YOU get to call the shots, not the other way around I wish you luck, sir!
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instead of waiting for koodo to put other devices pre-owned devices up you can always purchase one 2nd hand off Kijiji and have it unlock if there is a need. selection is much better and likely will be cheaper then a pre-owned
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They have different phones in their stores than the ones they show on their website. At least the pre-owned ones. I would just call a shop.