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I plan to go to the República Dominicana for an extended period and as Koodo has no real meaningful roaming plans (and those carriers that do are still too expensive so no criticism of Koodo) I plan to get a local SIM. Of course the Dominican number won't be known until I get there so if I add the call forwarding option to my already unlimited Canada-wide calling plan does that give me unlimited call forwarding to a number in Canada (which would be my Voip provider who can then call forward to the Dominican number at very reasonable per minute rates)? The other question is will I be able to setup or establish such call forwarding once on the Caribbean network (still using my Koodo SIM just before I remove it) or should I do that before leaving Canada? I need to be able to receive calls to my Canadian Koodo number while in the Caribbean without incurring more costs than I have to.

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Hi Steve, I would definitely set up call forwarding in Canada, and not take your SIM with you (or at least not switch on your phone with the SIM in it). As soon as you are registered with the Caribbean network, you'd be paying the hefty roaming fees and I'm not even sure if call forwarding would still work. Enjoy your time there! 🙂 Edit: just saw the first part of your question. I'm not sure if something like Fongo could forward your calls, but if data is reasonable or if you have access to WiFi, you could just use the app to take your calls.
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Thanks Sophia. I guess I'll have to forward it to a mailbox and then login via the internet to change that to forward to my Caribbean number after it is known and working. You're right, we can't be certain I can use the Koodo SIM on the Caribbean network to setup the forwarding so I'll have to do that just before I leave Canada. Thanks again.
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There have been instances in the past where people where charged long distance when forwarding calls to a "long distance" CANADIAN number. Apparently call forwarding is/was local (not sure if it's changed now). And set up call forwarding before you leave Canada
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Ahmad wrote:

There have been instances in the past where people where charged long distance when forwarding ca...

Yes Ahmad that's a good point to consider and was part of my question but perhaps I didn't make it clear. If I have unlimited Canada wide calling and unlimited anytime minutes then will I have to pay (by the minute) for call forwarding to a canadian number that will not be local? Anyone?
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You cannot call foward a Koodo number to a non-Canadian number.