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cant get anyone for call back !!!

  • 26 August 2020
  • 5 replies

Why have this service if you cant deliver proper responses. 

You are just wasting my time , tou keep run me around , go here go there , now go to facebook.

What a joke  and insult this service is .

You can bet i wont be renewing come the time .

5 replies

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What inquiry do you have that you need to speak with a rep from Koodo?  Maybe we can try to help here

Not interested in any more  useless tips or ideas  ,thanks any way.

Just looking for a call back from this so called service i pay good money for every month .

 Have a good day.

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Up to you.  I am totally willing to spend my personal time to help you (like right now) but it is your choice.

You can request a callback via koodo assist.  Note that call back times may be long


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@jerryluc - as Dennis suggested, we can try to help you here if you can share what your inquiry is about.

But if you just want a callback, that can easily be done through Koodo Assist. Sounds like you may have tried but ran into an error?

Can you share what happened, so we can try to help? I just tried it out, and was able to successfully book a callback, so I’d like to help figure out what may be preventing you from booking it. 

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@jerryluc If you are asking whether you can use your iPhone 7 instead of your current phone the answer is ‘yes’.  Simply take the SIM from your current phone and inserted into the old one.