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Cannot send or receive picture messages

I recently downgraded from an iPhone to a basic flip phone with no data. My plan says I have unlimited text and picture messaging. During the first few days, I was able to receive picture messages with no problems. Since then, however, picture messages will not open. My phone says there is a connection issue. There is plenty of storage space on the phone. Additionally, picture messages people try to send me, randomly keep being delivered over and over again. Why is this happening? Why can't I receive picture messages?

I am using an Alcatel Onetouch flip phone, again my plan has no data but does have unlimited text and picture messaging.

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Did you happen to block or otherwise disable data on your phone? MMS messaging requires a data connection to work, although the data is not chargeable. Unlike imessage, it will not work over wifi.
I did not change any settings on my phone.  When I look at the data account it is currently using, it is using koodo mms
the other option for data account is koodo sp

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bendorsey1 . wrote:

the other option for data account is koodo sp

Thanks for your reply bendorsey1! Could you confirm if you have the following values under "Settings/Connectivity/Data  Account"?

Keep us posted!