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Cancellation Trial and CRTC new rules.. 15 days.

  • 19 December 2017
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So as Dec 1st the Cancellation and 15 day trial period has changed..
On my contract it says 15 days - 30 minutes or 50 text and or 50 MB.. I called in, and was talking to someone, they put me on hold and told me those are the new rules, so if i were to cancel because I used 1gb testing speeds I would have to pay the whole month.

THOUGH... according to the crtc website.. DEC 1st found here - > http://crtc.gc.ca/eng/contact/phone/q19.htm

What if you’re not happy with the service you’ve just signed up for?
If you have a contract with an early cancellation fee, you have a trial period. You can cancel your contract and return your device in near-new condition within the first 15 days of your contract. You can use up to 50% of the monthly usage specified in your contract before making your decision. If you are a person with a disability, you have an extended trial period lasting a full month. It includes 100% of the monthly usage limits specified in your contract. Talk to your service provider.
It basically says you can use 50% of your usage specified in your contract.. so if you have 10GB you can use 5gb and still cancel within the 15 days with no penalties.. and according to a contact of the ccts and crtc this included BYOD plans.. You have 15 days to test out the service with the same rules in place.

So what i am trying to figure out is, instead of escalating a complaint to the ccts and crtc telus/koodo have had enough time to implement new contracts etc, but mine even still says about the unlocking fee of 50$.

When asking the rep, he told me to ignore these steps. but the guy i spoke to on the phone basically said koodo overrides the crtc ruling lol -- my reponse not in canada.

6 replies

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Koodo is not charging an early cancellation fee or penalty. They are just charging you for the plan used.

If you are within the Trial period and haven't used half the usage which is granted under the new rules, you have 15 days of a remorse period. Though what koodo is doing is setting up limits for them to waive your first bill. -  this page .. https://www.koodomobile.com/help/returning-or-exchanging-your-koodo-phone

But If i want to cancel my plan within the 15 days and use 4gb out of my 10gb (hypothetically) what am I responsible for? Since I am within the 15days and within the crtc rules ? 

Of hypothetically IF i cancel my plan within 5 days of a billing cycle I should only be responsible for those five days as there is no 30 days notice.

How about non-contract plans?  Ex.  With my own device, I sign up for a plan. Did not like to service, used less than 50% of data or service, paid $30 connection fee.  
After canceling, will I be refunded $30 connection fee and the charge for the partial usage? 
I believe the connection fee is non-refundable. The connection fee includes the cost of the sim and activation of the line itself, so if i'm not mistaken you'd be responsible for the partial use and connection fee which is nonrefundable.
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Consider the connection fee to be store commission that's non-refundable.

The fine print folks would be happy to point out that there are no cancellation fees or explicit penalties in any plan, as it should be.
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Consider the connection fee to be store commission that's non-refundable.

The fine print folks w...
But if someone returns the plan and refunds within the trial period, no commission is paid out to the store employee for the sale