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Canada Wide Calling vs My 5

Could Canada Wide Calling replace my My 5? Does it allow me to call any number in Canada with unlimited minutes and no long distance charges?

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What plan do you have now? You can call any Canadian number without long distance charge if you have a Canada wide plan and calls made within Canada. But anytime minutes still apply if you made/receive calls outside of the "Unlimited Evenings and Weekends"
I currently have the Canada-Wide Data Double 30 with a Five Essentials Add on. I tend to go over my data limit, so I'm just wondering if it makes more sense to go for a plan with more data. I tend to make most of my phone calls to long distance numbers around 5PM. So I think the plan I have right now still might be my best choice as I use about 200-300 min per month, and around 400-500 MB of data.
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So you are paying $40/mo now with add-on. Current $40 plan give you 300 min, 300 mb and 5pm Unlimited Evenings and Weekends. $45 plan give you 500 min, 500mb and 5pm Unlimited Evenings and Weekends. If you go over your data limit every month,you might want to consider change your plan. But you should compare what your current plan included (rate for minutes/data overage charges too) and what you will get. Also if you change your plan in middle of the billing cycle, your airtime minutes will be prorated. So it always better to change it close to the end of the billing cycle.