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Canada-Wide-Calling...does it only apply to the province the plan is from?

With Canada-Wide-Calling...my understanding is that it includes calls made in Canada...beginning and ending in Canada. My question is, if my phone is a Nova Scotia number and I go to Ontario on vacation, if I made a call to anywhere in Canada from Ontario using my Nova Scotia phone, is there a charge or is it included in my monthly plan cost that includes Canada-Wide-Calling? For example, while on vacation in Ontario, I use my Nova Scotia phone to call someone in Newfoundland...will there be a cost associated with this call because the call did not originate in the province the phone is from?

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Hi Shawn, There would be no difference in cost to use the phone in your situation. If you're on a Canada-Wide plan you can place a call anywhere in Canada, to anywhere else in Canada, or receive a call anywhere in Canada without being charged anything extra unless you go over your allocated minutes 🙂
You pretty much answered your own question. Canada Wide is Canada Wide. Does not matter what province it is.
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That's the sweet thing about Canada-wide at Koodo, it's exactly that. No matter where you are in Canada if you make a call to another Canadian number there is no long distance, and if you receive a call while anywhere in Canada, it'll be LD free as well no matter where they call from. So have fun and enjoy your trip! LD's on Koodo!
I have the old plan including the Canada wide plan and now that i change my phone and they change also the plan.i already told that i will stick on my plan. I realize just now when I'm trying to call my relatives in ottawa and they charging me for international call. I'm not happy what happen to my plan.
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Mariah Lyn wrote:

I have the old plan including the Canada wide plan and now that i change my phone and they change...

That doesn't sound right. All the new plans include Canada wide calling. I suggest you look at your service agreement to see what is included in your plan and check self serve as well. Then call customer service to find out what this international charge is for.