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Can you use your sim card in a tablet?

If I have a SIM card that has a data plan, can I put it into an LTE tablet and use my data? I want to buy the Nexus 9 LTE model when it comes out but if not I'll just get the Wi-fi Only version.

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Yes, as long as the SIM card is the proper size for the tablet. (Obviously, you won't be able to receive calls)
Thank you! Yeah, I figured I wouldn't be able to receive phone calls on a tablet. Is it possible to have multiple plans with Koodo? I want to get a separate SIM card with just data for my tablet.
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Unfortunately, Koodo does not offer tablet-only plans, so you wouldn't be able to get data on your tablet for any reasonable price. You'd be better off going to another cellular provider that can offer tablet-only plans.