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Can you add a second phone to a plan? Or is there a family plan option?

What is the process of adding second phone to an existing account.

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Each phone needs its own plan. All lines on the same account get free calling between them. As long as you are not on a spending cap, just purchase the new phone/sim and say you want to activate it on your existing account.
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Hi there Kelly... You could be eligible to add up to 5 lines to your account depending on your credit history (Customers on the 200$ Spending Cap Limit are not eligible to have more than 1 line), you could double check that at the store if you are around one... Koodo does not have Family Plans to share minutes or data, but, if you have 2 or more lines in the same account, every line gets unlimited calling between all the lines in the same account, regardless where you are in Canada, since Koodo plans are Canada wide... To add that second line into your account, you could approach the nearest store with 2 pieces of ID, and they will let you know if you are eligible or not; or you could also order the phone from the webstore by visiting www.koodomobile.com