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can we download music for a ring tton

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This depends on your phone, but for the most part yes. You can save an mp3 to your phone and use it as a ringtone. If you tell us what phone you have we can give you more precise directions
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On Android you have to place the mp3 file into either the ring tones folder or notification folder or alarm folder depending what you want to use that ring tone for. You can do this by downloading a file manager from the Google PlayStore such as "PowerGrasp" if you know how to move files on a computer then your easily catch on with how to use the app I suggested to move files around your device. PowerGrasp even has the ability to pack(compress) & unpack (uncompress) files you download as a zip type files just like your PC. You can also download Ring tones maker apps from the Google PlayStore to use to take snippets from your favorite songs & make them into a short file so you don't have to listen to the entire song every time you get a text or call. That way you can just choose your favorite part of a song and loop it basically to just repeat say a 5 or 10 second piece of the song you like. Download a ring tone maker and just have some fun with it you never know what you'll come up with, heck it could be the next big thing in ring tones 😉
check out Zedge from the Playstore if you're on Andriod