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Can we cancel one line of two on the same monthly account?

This may seem like a no-brainer but you never know. My husband and I have two phone lines/numbers billed under one monthly Koodo account. We are considering cancelling my line and keeping his as he really wants to keep the phone number. We don't want to close the monthly account, just cancel one line. I opened the account and my line first, and his line was added to the account about 30 minutes later. There are no phone purchases involved. We brought our own equipment. Can we drop my line without in any way affect the other line's plan rates etc.?

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Yes. You'll have to call in to cancel the line, and while you are at it, you can confirm which of you will continue to be the prime manager of the account, and place all the contact credentials and information in that person's name.

Thanks, David. I thought that would be the logical answer. Good to know it applies.
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Wouldn't there be a $25.00 charge if they changed the persons name on the account since it would technically be a change of responsibility? I do know some people put authorized users on the account but the account is not actually in the other persons name. 
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Brent Foreman wrote:

Wouldn't there be a $25.00 charge if they changed the persons name on the account since it would ...

Yes, if considered a transfer of ownership, however that may find change of management to a proxy works well for them. The OP can determine how they wish to manage it when speaking with Koodo.  I believe the Transfer of Ownership is now $10.

Thanks for the warning Brent. We weren't actually thinking of changing the name on the account (mine) or the payment method (joint credit card). That's where I see there might be an admin problem as I wouldn't have a line but I would still be responsible for payment. If there's a $25 fee to change the account to my husband's name so be it. I guess it's still better than paying $700 a year for a line we don't actually need.