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can't upgrade my rate plan online

  • 26 August 2020
  • 5 replies

I presently pay $50 a month for 6 gigabytes of data. Suddenly I need more data, so I went online to change my plan, for 10 gigabytes per month. The website isn't working. About 10 hours ago, a message came up that it would be fixed in 30 minutes. Since then, that message doesn't even come up. I'm about to run out of data, looks like my only choice is to start contacting other carriers. I honestly didn't want to take hours to do this I wanted to just upgrade easily.

5 replies

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Can you explain what's wrong with the website? Where does it stop working for you?

When I choose the option, " change my plan."

The website offers me a $30 option with a zero data, and that's all. They don't offer me an option of 20 gig data or 10 gig data or any other useful option. I'm paying $50 a month, and yet the only option offered to change my plan, is to downgrade to $30 a month.

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I’ll flag this for a Rep to look into then.

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Just an FYI, if you run out of data, you are better off using your Shock Free Data add-on, since if you switch your plan your new data will be prorated.  If you want more data long term then yes change your plan but i would recommend changing it at the end of your billing cycle.



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Hey, Rox! I can change the plan for you. Were you looking for the $75 plan with 10GB of data?