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Can't seem to use my minimum plan. Price changes.

My basic plan states : $29 Base Plan Includes: » Unlimited Messaging (Text and Picture)2 » Call Display & Voicemail3 » Call Waiting & Conference Calling No Data. Good 'cause I never use data, but my bill shows up as $50 to $85 per month. I turned off Wifi, turned off the 'auto connect to wifi' but still get billed. I only came to Koodo 'cause of the great price, now I'm wondering if I should be somewhere else. Also, I wonder what the '2' means? (Text and Picture)2 Any ideas how to fix this?

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You want WiFi turned ON, and mobile data turned OFF generally. Mobile data must be ON when sending or receiving Picture messages. If you have no use for data or picture messages, get data blocked by Koodo at the account level and you can sleep peacefully. You will still be able to use WiFi. Click on the "nitty-gritty" at the bottom of your basic plan page to see what that superscript 2 & 3 are all about.
'blocked at the account level' - Great. I'll be looking into that right away. Thanks for the reply. That's probably the '2' too, eh.