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Can't seem to find a rep to talk about getting a upgrade deal

All I ever seem to get is the Automated service. Currently on a bring your own phone 55$ plan. But I would like to upgrade to the Pixel 3XL. Its currently 450$ for a med plan. I would like to get a good deal for a plan (60$/10gig for instance). But cant seem to find anyone to talk with.

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You'll have to call 611 a d wait or schedule a call back using the Koodo assistant to speak with a rep about getting a deal plan. Not so sure about getting 10gb for 60 though but you can always try.
DussaultJ wrote:

I would like to get a good deal for a plan (60$/10gig for instance).

Right now there is a limited time promotion plan for $75/10GB so getting anything better than that would require some work, so good luck.

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@DussaultJ All of our specials are online and of course sales come and go. 🙂 Based on number of variables, upgrade offers are sent to your self serve account. You should be able to see them when you log in. In addition, we text you the offers. The last one you would have received was on December 14th. That is exactly what the reps would be able to share as well.
Ya, the last deal that shows is 300 in billing credits which also states expires Dec 31 So 1. Not sure why it shows still and 2. Not interested in that. If I'm going to spend 450 to upgrade a phone I want a good plan deal. Otherwise I'm content on my low price plan that I have with my S7 I brought over.
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@DussaultJ That's fair. Keep an eye out on your self serve account as new offers come up fairly frequently.