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Can't register SIM without an account number

I purchased a SIM card from Telus. But I can’t create an account to link it to without an Account number. But I can’t seem to get an account number unless I place the order online. I have my own phone, I have two brand new SIM cards. But How can I activate them without already having an account number?

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For postpaid accounts you either have to order the sim online and have it shipped to you or get it setup in store. You can't get the sim in store and then set it up online.


For prepaid you would set it up here:


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You mentioned that you purchased a SIM card from Telus. 

I just want to make sure that you bought a Koodo SIM, correct?Not a Telus SIM.   

I don't understand why they just sell you a SIM card especially for new customer. 

It is different if customer said they are already customer and they need a replacement SIM