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Can’t reactivate

I tried to reactivate my phone after seasonal hold- tried self serve but it didn’t work. Koodo’s Chat bot kept giving ‘Change  rate plan’ link , but I was not able to select any plan when I went there in my self serve menu. I reserved call back this morning and it has been 4 hours but no call. I am self qurantined and alone. Can’t go out side nor Can borrow anybody’s phone. What can I do?

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Try to clear cache and cookies and after that try to use another browser.  You may only choose in-market rate plans and add-ons when you change back from Seasonal Hold. If is not working you can send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter.


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Same situation.....I did it from 5 different platforms..02 pc.. 03 different phones...same results....is impossible to change the seasonal hold plan to another.....