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Can't Reach a Customer Service Rep

  • 8 September 2020
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Can someone advise how to reach a customer service rep? 

I was promised some add-ons during activation process but i do not see them on my account now. 

When called, it says start a chat with Koodo Assist. 

When i select “Schedule a callback” option on Koodo Assist, it shows a message “we are way too popular right now…. blah blah blah”.  And never allows me to schedule a callback. 

I tried many options on Koodo Assist but eventually it takes me to above message.  So I am out of ways to contact them .


Kindly help..



Sagar M


Best answer by Ranjan Koodo 8 September 2020, 21:27

My mistake. I’ve now added this to the second line. You should be able to verify via Self Serve.

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9 replies

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You can contact Koodo on Twitter/Facebook via direct message to get in touch with a rep. It’s not instant chat, but you should get a response that way.

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@sagar.mamidwar - The best way to get you to the right rep would be to explain what you’re looking for. Most of the time Koodo Assist can actually provide you with the answer, or guide you to the info (or even do something for you). You can also ask your question here, and a fellow customer or rep like myself can assist.

@Ranjan Koodo - thanks.

I added a line on my account couple of weeks ago. During sales and final activation calls, I was promised some add-ons, which i do not see on my account. Hence i have been trying to reach a rep. Koodo assist cannot help in this case. 

Kindly advise how to reach you privately since I am not comfortable sharing my phone number or email ID here. 

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Got it - thanks for clarifying.
Would you be comfortable sharing what the missing add-ons are so I can help look into it?

If not, then the suggestion above from our very own @Philosoraptor would be the best route to have a private conversation with a rep. 

@Ranjan Koodo  - 1000 LD minutes to India, inclusive as a part of my price plan. 

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I can verify that I see this feature on your account, @sagar.mamidwar 

When you log into Self Serve and select “view rate plan”, do you not see it there?

@Ranjan Koodo  - thats my old line. Please check the other line which was activated recently couple of weeks ago

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My mistake. I’ve now added this to the second line. You should be able to verify via Self Serve.

thanks a lot @Ranjan Koodo . 

I can see the same in SelfServe now :)