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Can't get a new connection back even after paying the dues to credit union.

I was out of country for 4 months, so I couldnt pay my monthly bill. Subsequently, my connection was terminated by Koodo and I had to pay the balance to commercial credit adjusters. They verified that my credit history won't be affected because I paid the dues on time. Still when I went to a Koodo outlet to get a new connection, it showed that I can't get a new connection and the lady there told me that I might have to wait 3-6 months before I can get a new connection back. Can anyone tell me why that happens even after I got a green-light from credit union?

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Simple: when Koodo caved in and sold your outstanding debt (unpaid bills) to a collections agency, they did so at a loss. So, financially-wise, doing business with you is costing them money. They obviously don't want to do that again without being sure you won't do the same thing again. By making you wait out a 3-6 months period, they will then re-evaluate your credit and make a decision. There's no guarantee they will say yes, but you stand better chances in 6 months than you do right now. And it's not only Koodo. Every business that requires credit checks does the same. Hope it helps!
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Maybe this is your chance to try prepaid?
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By definition if your account has been sent to collections you are not paying it on time. Accounts aren't sent to collections until they are at least 3 months past due.