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Can't change to a cheaper plan, Tab Balance is 0$

  • 8 January 2022
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My friend shows me they have more data at a cheaper price and no they are not a new customer. They say it was done through self serve only a few months ago.

I have paid my tab off in full and would like to pick a cheaper plan. When in self serve I am only able to change to a more expensive plan.

My current plan is 45$ a month, unlimited text and talk with 2Gb of data. If I remember correctly theirs was 40$ a month, unlimited text and talk with 6Gb of data.

I guess what I'm asking is.

1. What would be some reasons why I would not be able to achieve a cheaper cell plan then 45$, just in general.

2. Why is there such a large discrepancy in the two phone plans I have described?

3. Is there better deals or a different system that a customer service rep would be able to access?

If you have any additional information you may think is  relevant, please post.

1 reply

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​​​​​​So there is a $45 6GB plan that is only available to new customers. When it first launched it was available for a rate plan change by accident and they fixed that within a day or two when they noticed the error.

After that, there hasn’t been a $40 6GB publicly available for awhile. Your friend may have had a special offer in their account for said plan but that’s the only other thing that I can think of.