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Can't change plan online.

I'm trying to change my plan online. When I click the new plan under account management, nothing happens. When I add a plan to cart it requires me to select a phone to checkout. I don't want a new phone, I just want to change my plan because I'm getting raped on data fees. It says changing online is free but to email for the change it costs 10$. However as mentioned above, nothing happens when I click to change my plan. Tried Chrome and IE.

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Click on the "Plan and Add-ons" Tab after you logged in your self serve. Then Change your plan.
That's exactly what's not working. I click the new plan but it doesn't seem to register anything.
Nevermind, I'm retarded. I was clicking the plan name as it appeared to be a link. There's a bubble next to the plan that you click to select, then submit. Duh.