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Can't change my plan online

  • 22 May 2020
  • 5 replies

Hello all,

I am trying to switch my plan online but everytime I try I end up getting the error message below:



I have been trying for several days with different browers as well as clearing my cache but still I have not been able to change my plan.  As I don’t use social media does anyone know how to fix this problem or get ahold of Koodo?



5 replies

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Which plan were you trying to change to? If you are using the same email of your account in the forum, I might be able to flag a rep to assist you here. 

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Your quickest way to get help would be use social media to use the private chat feature to message Koodo.  OI recommend signing up for a dummy account so you can use the chat.  I recommend Twitter since it is much quicker to set up.

Thanks Dinh and Dennis,

I was trying to change my phone plan to the $45 plan with 1 gig of data and unlimited phone and text. 

Dennis, when using a twitter account how do you go about initiating contact with Koodo?


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You can find koodo here. 



Just click on the message button 


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@WesV Hi there! You can send us a direct message from our official Twitter page as @Dennis advised and we'd be glad to look into that for your and assist. Thank you.