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can't access my own bills with my email address but can see my mother's ?? (+responsibility transfer)

Went to get a responsibility transfer with my mother in one of the koodo stores this week. When I try to get into my account now, with my email address linked to my phone number, I can only see her 2 phone/account numbers displayed but not mine. When I go into hers, I can see all her info/data uses/bills and I can see my name+payment fees etc, but the bills add up the 3 together. How do I change this? I can't even access my own account with all my info, its just hers + she uses her own email address to access her accounts, so why can I see all her info when I'm using a different email address? thanks!

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It sounds like when the Transfer of ownership happened they transferred the wrong line?

Did you call in to do this?
I was there when they did it and I saw her type my phone number...I was able to dissociate my mother's accounts from my account in the end but my phone number was not there, so I had to re-enter it. The new problem is..I think I entered the wrong account number...I entered the one they gave to me on the little card the woman gave me (I think this was supposed to be the account number to pay the bill and NOT my phone's account number)...now when I see my payment fee on my account, it not the right amount + I can't see the bill or pay it...I found my old paper contract and saw the right number..now how do I change my account number on my profile?? thank you so much !
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Marianne Larivière wrote:

I was there when they did it and I saw her type my phone number...I was able to dissociate my mot...

Your best bet will be to contact Koodo.  I recommend sending them a private message on facebook or twitter and a rep will be able to sort everything out