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Can Koodo get whocalled add on?

I tried out a service with Wind Mobile, and it sends you a text message if someone phones you while your phone is off or you're in a no service area such as a basement or whatever. As soon as you come back into a signal area, you get a text telling you the number of the missed call. Fido has got it too. Is Koodo looking into getting this service?

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That would actually be kinda handy. I work in some areas where cell service is spotty sometimes, and there are people that absolutely refuse to leave voice mails for some reason.
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Hey Anthony, I'll pass this along to my bosses, but there's no guarantee that anything will happen. Should a decision be made, we will let everyone know 🙂.
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CD and VM services are an alternative solution for missed, lost calls, VM message will be left on the VM, as soon as your phone is connected again to Koodo tower a notification will be sent to the phone. VM/CD comes with all plans
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I think you're referring to a feature called 'who called' Anthony. It's been an idea passed around in the past but we haven't made any concrete plans on introducing it or anything like it. As mat mentioned VM is your best bet. Besides if your friend sends you a text when you're out of range, you'll usually get it when you go back into range. Just something to think about 🙂