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Can I upgrade to a higher plan for a month and then return to my current lower plan?

I am on a $40 plan and would like to go to an $80 plan and then return to the $40.

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Yes, however, the $40 plan would have to be available still when you move back to it.
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There is never a guarantee that your plan could still be there. You could go and change to the 80$ one after waiting a few weeks and the 40$ one has been there the whole time, and as soon as u change that 40$ plan could be removed from the lineup. Its always a risk. My advice, consider a plan change for the long term, is there a plan that could benefit you for the foreseeable future. Instead of being let down when you go to switch back and its mysteriously gone at that point.
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Hey Doug,

Sophia and Chadwick are right! You can change your plan using Self Serve, however, if the plan expires and is no longer available in the plans selection, you will not be able to add it again unless there's a new plan that is similar to it.