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Can I upgrade plan first, then upgrade phone later?

If I change my rate plan now, to one that's listed for a Medium Tab, still with my current phone.....then upgrade the phone itself in a few weeks, paying the "Medium Tab" amount (with the additional monthly amount being added on to the rate plan), will all that transition smoothly?
Or should I wait and do it all at the same time?
(I just want to take advantage of the bonus data offer now but not upgrade the phone until the end of the month).

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Yes, you can update the plan (in self serve) and get the phone later. Remember all plans take effect on cycle date so do it at least a few days before then.
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Hello Roberta.

You do no need to wait. But if you're on an older tab system, you might need to pay of your tab right now in order to get the possilbity to switch to newer plans! Just log-in into self serve to see if the plans are available to you. If they aren't you would need to pay your tab right now and then switch. That does not change the fact that you can still get the phone at another time of the month.
Thank you for your responses.
I actually do have an older plan...and a positive Tab balance.
It's been sitting there forever and I think it's time to move up in the world! LOL!
I really do appreciate you taking the time to answer---thanks, both of you!