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Can I have two phones under the same name?

I need to get a second phone, one for my kid, can i have 2 phones under the same name?

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Yes. As long as you are not on the Spending Cap program.
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And if you 2 are under same account, you can enjoy unlimited family calling 🙂 If you are not on the Spending Limit Program as Marcus said, you can have up to 3 subscribers( include you) under your account during the first 3 months , after that you can add 2 more phone numbers for a maximum of 5 total per account.
Yes, Marcus and Mayumi are correct 🙂 but also, just a reminder it is not a joined plan. If adding a line on your for kid, he/she will have a new number, new plan (different from yours) as well as their own tab. So on the bill it will show both numbers under one combined bill 🙂