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Can I give my phone to someone else (new account)?

Hey guys, So I have my old Nokia Lumia 610 here. I have recently upgraded my own phone. My plan is for my father to take this one for emergency calls. Just curious if he can open is own account/his own number and just order the sim card for it? Is this possible on Koodo and how would he go about doing it?

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The phone is yours and you have the absolute freedom to give it to whomever you please. Giving it to your dad is definitely the nicest gesture, so kudos to you! Feel free to drop by Koodo location near you to get a SIM card activated.
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If your father want to open the postpaid/monthly plan, don't forget to ask 10% discount for the plan since he brings his own phone. ( I think it is a little expensive if its only for emergency use ) Or he can get the prepaid plan. http://koodomobile.com/en/on/plansandboosters.shtml You can do either way at a Koodo store as Andrew said.