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Can I get a "monthly add on" on a "Pay as you go"??

I want to get the $15 text plan then add on one of the unlimited calling onto it from the Monthly add on.. Can I do that if it's a pay as you go??

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There's no option for adding a "monthly" post paid unlimited plan onto a prepaid account, however prepaid does have lot of solutions for unlimited calling within Canda, or getting additional minutes, called boosters as add-ons for prepaid. Unlimited Messaging (Text and Picture)2 Unlimited Local Calling (Incoming and Outgoing)7 $50/mth CANADA-WIDE TALK BOOSTERS 500 Anytime Minutes at 5¢/min- $25 100 Anytime Minutes at 10¢/min -$10 25 Anytime Minutes at 20¢/min -$5
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In addition, you can choose from several prepaid plans, Skye, such as the $25 base plan will give you unlimited local (!) 7pm/weekend calling, the $35 will give you 5pm/unlimited incoming and the $50 base plan unlimited local calling 🙂 Of course all of them feature unlimited texing!