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Can I change my plan when still kodoo offers double data / minute?

I registered kodoo about 4 days ago with $50 plan and kodoo shop said you have to wait two weeks to change your plan. But if I wait two weeks , the promotion can fade away.What should I do? I decided that I only need $40 plan.

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Call Koodo to make the change for you, then.
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I'd call customer service. Let them know you can change your plan only once per billing cycle in self serve. Ask them to waive the $10 rate plan change fee because you cannot do it yourself.
Thank you for reply , I 'd better to call
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Yigit Hatipoglu wrote:

Thank you for reply , I 'd better to call

You're welcome and have yourself a wonderful day!
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Try to change it on self serve on your own first. Only if you cant change it would I call Koodo. And then tell Koodo you cant change it online so they wont charge you to change your plan