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Can I cancel phone plan for a month?

Hi, I found out I am going to be out of the country for a month in the summer, and I won't be bringing/using my phone. I was wondering if I could cancel my plan for a month, and when I'm back I could go back to my old plan? How would I do this?

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Hi Dena, Unfortunately, no. You can certainly suspend your plan for a month (cost is $15, not free), but you can't go back to your old plan after that... you'd have to pick one of the plans available at the time.
Right, it sucks. New plans are always more money for less service. Certainly not customer friendly.
Oh, and this service was 10.00 per month and increased by 50% in 2013 to 15.00 per mo. All you get for your money is to keep your phone number.
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Better that than losing it 🙂
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I'm with you Debbie, I am not happy about it either but them's the rules I'm afraid... It's a bugger! 😞