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Can I buy a temporary data top up?

I have a monthly voice/data plan, and I have already surpassed my data limit with a couple of weeks to go in my billing cycle. Is there a way I can add on another 1GB for the month and pay a flat rate? I've already received a message saying that I have incurred an additional $10 in data charges. I thought it might be cheaper to top up (or add on?) another 1GB for this billing period. Thoughts?

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Nope, your overage rate is your top up
Okay. Thanks for the quick response, Chad 🙂

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Only Prepaid permits those Data Add-Ons that never expire
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If your finding that this is a common occurrence, I would suggest just taking a look at changing to a plan that includes more data. Data overage isn't a good deal at all if your using it all the time. If your using it often, I can pretty much guarantee that its cheaper to just pick a plan that has more data.