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Can I add my mom to my family plan?

I currently have a plan with my husband, we can call each other unlimited minutes, and then we each get 200 mb data, unlmited text etc etc.. Can i add another phone for my mother?

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I don't see that being a problem. Just pick out a plan and phone for her then have it added to your account.
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As far as I know, the only limitation to additional accounts is that you can have a maximum of 4 lines on your account. You're the one responsible for each line and I don't think that the other people need no be related to you in any way.
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Ivan - yoou are correct....Koodo considers the unlimited family calling to be anybody on the same account, so if you add Joe Blow down the street or your mother, as long as they are still under the same account number, they are considered to be your family. Similarily, Great Aunt Susie, 5 times removed, although she is family, if she is not on the same account as you, then calls to her are not included in the unlimited family calling