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Calling UK from Canada - your pay-as-you-go rate is listed as N/A and plan rate as 5cents/min. What does this mean?

Does this mean I cannot call UK without the long-distance plan ($3/mth) or is rate always 5cents/min even without plan?  I call the UK very infrequently so $36/year is too much - can I pay for just one month and cancel after the call;  and repeat as necessary?!

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So I don't have the add on and I was able to call the talking clock in Scottland (011-44-871-789-3642) so you should be able to call as well. Not sure what the charge is for that but it starts at. 50 cents per minute. I'll see if i c an find out...
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Yes. You can add the long-distance saver ($3/mo) when you needed and remove it at the end of the billing cycle. 
I call Japan from my phone time to time. So I add it before I call there(you will receive confirmation text/emal), then I try to make calls as much as I can in this billing cycle 😉
If you don't have an unlimited minutes, it will use your minutes if you make calls during daytime.