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Caller ID vs call display

My question concerns *Caller ID* vs "call display." Yes, I have "call display" and I can see the *number* of who's calling... but what I want is *Caller ID* that will tell me the NAME of who/what company owns that number, regardless of whether it's a saved entry in my contact list. I did not see this subject addressed elsewhere. I recently switched from Rogers to Koodo, and Rogers' service provided this extra data. Does Koodo have this and, if so, what is it called and how can I get it? Thanks!

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Koodo does not have this. Next to no provider offers Caller Id(it's mainly used on LandLines). If you want the name to show up you will need to have it entered into your contact list. Koodo only guarantees the number to show up unless its private/restricted.
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It's a Rogers exclusive feature.
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Some carriers are offering this but the phone has to support it also. Historically (until recently) cellular service has been limited to the number only and not the name (unless the phone can do the "match the number with a name in your contacts list stored on the phone" trick). Of course (like almost everything), there is an app for that! While it doesn't do as well as the scarcely supplied and barely supported cellular "CNAM" service it does the best it can. One example would be the Android app CIA (Caller Identification App). So there may be an app for your phone (depending on platform) that will give you mostly what you want, in fact the CIA app even displays the address if it can find it 🙂
Thank you all. I was certain I had it with Rogers, but went to their site to double-check. I was intrigued to see that it wasn't really promoted in their calling plans... but was discussed in their forum. So yes, they *do* manage to have it, perhaps for a subset of their users. I am also intrigued with the CIA app, Steve. Will definitely check that out! Thanks again!
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M Conry wrote:

Thank you all. I was certain I had it with Rogers, but went to their site to double-check. I wa...

Yes well please keep in mind that I haven't even tried this app myself (although I see it gets some good reviews (along with the occasional negative one) so I'm not endorsing it, nor do I know that you can use that one (are on a compatible Android platform). Just presented as an "example" that there are other ways to achieve some of the "CNAM" functionality and I expect there would be something similar for iPhone as well. It is however intriguing as it actually exceeds the capabilities of "CNAM" by delivering up the address whenever possible, etc. Not really of use to me as there simply isn't anyone who isn't on my contact list that knows my cell phone number so I choose not to answer if it doesn't display even the picture of the caller 🙂 However, given that Koodo's network does not support "CNAM" nor is it likely to any time soon, please do report back here if you try it and find you like it as that may be of help to other Koodo users.
ya same thing with Virgin mobile. I switched from Telus and now I only have call display, not Caller ID!